Folded or tortured? Flip-phones from Samsung are broken after only two days

As soon as Samsung has recovered from the breakdowns of exploding mobile phones, its reputation is dealt another blow – allegedly go the new folding phones Galaxy Fold after barely two days use broken. So it should have happened at least for some people who had received the phones before the start of sales for testing, writes the magazine “Time”.

The futuristic Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to come on the market before the end of April. However, some journalists who rated the folding phone before the sale began to struggle with some potentially serious issues after only a few days.

Other critics, such as Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, noted problems after removing the plastic protective film from the screen of the Galaxy Fold. The plastic film is referred to by Samsung as “polymer layer” and should, as it turned out, the display “intact and touch-friendly” hold.

I removed it without knowing that it should not be done (consumers will not know), tweeted Gurman. It seemed to be removable in the left corner, so I took it off.

Tech creator Marques Brownlee warned, “There’s a slide on the Galaxy Fold’s display that looks like a screen protector. But that is not a screen protector. Do not remove that.

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