Moscow recommends German Journalists Association Deutsche Welle as sobering reading

The official spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Sakharova, has accused the chairman of the German Association of Journalists, Frank √úberall, of contradicting himself by accusing Russian media of propaganda. “I recommend Deutsche Welle’s contributions as comparative reading,” said Sakharova on Thursday in Moscow.

“In Germany, the campaign will continue to discredit the country’s accredited Russian and Russian-speaking media. Association head Frank Uberall can not give up his attempts to demonize Russian media such as RT and Sputnik, and pleads for the restriction of their activities in the Federal Republic.

In one of the last interviews Everywhere explained that the mentioned media are “not media, but propaganda instruments of the Kremlin”. “Examples or facts – no, you do not need them. And that is what the head of the German Association of Journalists, who actually contradicts himself, claims: Propaganda can not be based on facts. But if you do not present facts, then you are a propagandist yourself, “the spokeswoman said.

“Does he read (Anywhere) at all the Russian-language articles of Deutsche Welle? Hardly, I’m one hundred percent sure. If he had read them, he would have changed his mind about this station, “said Sakharova.

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