Muslims, finally do something against Islamist terrorists!

When terrorists kill in the name of Allah, it is always said that this has nothing to do with Islam. Why this statement is wrong, columnist Lamya Kaddor explains.

Again it breaks your heart. For the umpteenth time, radical Muslims have done a terrible terrorist massacre. Enemy Christianity. The breath of hatred has left every trace of humanity in them desolate. From day to day, the number of fatalities has increased since suicide bombers attacked churches and hotels on Easter Sunday.

They were quickly followed by meaningful condemnations of these acts of terror, great words of regret, and the hint that these aberrations had nothing to do with Islam. Just the latter, I’ve heard so often in the past few days, that I do not want to let it stand so: stop the self-hypnosis. Of course, it has something to do with Islam when an Islamic hate preacher smashes Madonna statues and puts videos of them on the web. Of course, it has to do with Islam, when a Muslim with a grim grimace calls into the cameras, even if Christians perform good deeds, he would hate them for their “unbelief”. Of course, it has to do with Islam, when preachers declare that believers must go to war.

These people do not just call themselves Muslims, they argue in the name of a certain understanding of religion. No matter whether it is about politicized, power-oriented and distorted interpretations, it is an understanding of Islam. To counter this mantraly with the assurance that this has nothing to do with true Islam is too simple. The song is sung far too often. Too many Muslims keep taking the position: “What can I do if they call themselves Muslims ?!” What kind of wake-up call do you need to act? Do not you see what happens when they are silent? And pretend that it’s none of this, just because they have a different understanding of Islam?

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