Newspaper: German ambassador in the US promotes Russian energy companies

Emily Haber, Germany’s ambassador to Washington, has in a letter to several US senators in a “Bild” report in March, campaigning for not to tighten the sanctions policy against the Russian energy companies Novatek and Gazprom. In addition, Haber should have made strong for the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2.

“We are concerned that Congress is currently considering imposing further energy sanctions on Russia,” according to the letter in the “Bild” newspaper. These sanctions could “affect European energy security”.

In addition, Haber is said to have expressed concern that the imposition of additional sanctions on Russia, as envisaged by the US Congress’ End of February bill (DASKA), could prevent the liquefied gas terminal, the Russian Company Novatek wants to build in Rostock.

According to Haber, the sanctions against Russian gas and oil producer Novatek, which is under construction, can “negatively affect the perception of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas LNG) imports in Germany and significantly hinder the development of LNG import opportunities”.

According to her, Germany and Europe need both LNG terminals and Russian gas, which gets through the pipeline. “Our countries should work together closely when it comes to imposing energy sanctions against Russia.”

In addition, the ambassador is said to have urged US Senators “not to stand in the way of the Gazprom pipeline Nord Stream 2,” writes “Bild”.

“Any additional US action against the project would be counterproductive and undermine European agreement on this difficult issue of energy security policy,” the letter said.

Allegedly, there has been a “single European position” on the pipeline project since the February EU Gas Directive compromise. “The US has repeatedly stressed the need for a common European position. Now this is achieved. In the future, Nord Stream 2 will fully comply with the new EU requirements. “

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