Problem zone battery: Tesla launches battery recycling for e-cars

Rare earths, environmentally damaging mining, tons of garbage: The e-car makes the battery not only because of its range to create. To address the issue of used batteries, leading manufacturer Tesla announced it would set up a proprietary recycling cycle. However, Tesla did not announce how exactly.

The batteries of e-cars are the weak point of the technology – not only because of their range, but also because of their negative impact on the environment with massive depletion of resources and production. Therefore, the US electric car company Tesla has long been operated by third parties, the recycling of its batteries.

Now the manufacturer wants to set up its own battery recycling circuit, as it has announced in its “Impact Report”. The background: More and more batteries of the model “Ses” are sent back after seven years of operation. According to Tesla data, recycling should take place in a huge facility in Sparks, Nevada.

The company announces that it intends to recover lithium, cobalt, aluminum, copper and steel from the batteries in a closed loop system. These substances should then be reintegrated into new batteries. In addition, Tesla wants to use it to save money in the production of new batteries, because less new materials must be purchased.

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