Siberian observatory discovers unusual satellites in Earth orbit

Researchers at the Sajan Solar Observatory in Buryatia (eastern Siberia) have claimed to have discovered a novel satellite orbiting the earth, performing maneuvers. The researchers are talking about a new class.

According to them, the celestial body could be observed in the geostationary orbit using the 1.6 meter AZT-33IK telescope, which houses the majority of all television and communications satellites.

It is a “microsatellite representing a new class of maneuvering objects in geostationary orbit,” the researchers report in a report. The report and more information on the discovered satellite will be presented at the beginning of the Moscow conference on space debris. The origin and purpose of the new satellite made the astronomers for the time being, no information.

In January, the Center for Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences had reported intensive orbital movements of all four American espionage satellites GSSAP in orbit. The satellites were launched between 2014 and 2016.

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