Study on the European elections – One in ten wants to definitely choose rights

At the end of May, the Europeans are voting for a new EU parliament, especially right-wing extremist parties have high hopes. Not unfounded, as a new study shows – many also speak out against social parties.

One in ten Europeans entitled to vote claims to be determined to vote for right-wing populist or right-wing parties in the European elections. This is the result of an investigation commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation, which was presented on Friday in Berlin. After that, the percentage of these voters is 10.3 percent.

On the other hand, 6.2 percent of the respondents stated that they would certainly vote for left-wing or left-wing populist parties. Around 52 percent said they would never vote for parties from those spectrums. By comparison, according to the study, the proportion of those who want to vote for the Greens is only 4.4 percent.

23,725 Europeans interviewed
For the study entitled “Europe has the choice – Populist attitudes and electoral intentions in the 2019 European elections”, the polling institute YouGov had interviewed a total of 23,725 eligible voters from twelve EU Member States in January 2019.

“The populist parties have managed to establish a stable root base in a relatively short time, but their high denials show how dangerous it would be for other parties to emulate the populist parties,” co-author Robert Vehrkamp said.

Anti-attitude choices crucial
Overall, according to the study, the majority of citizens see the election decision as anti-party attitudes – above all, they want to vote against rather than for individual parties. “Many citizens no longer choose a party, but vote against those parties that reject it most,” said the Foundation’s expert.

According to the study, 50.7 percent of respondents would never vote for liberal parties, 47.8 percent would never vote Christian Democratic or Conservative parties, and 47 percent would never vote for the Greens. 42 percent generally oppose social democratic and socialist parties.

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