That’s what the jet-set life of Anna Sorokin looked like

She was found guilty in New York: this time, the false It girl Anna Sorokin has not come away with adventurous excuses. But what did her luxury life look like, that others financed?

The German-Russian woman led a life in the lap of luxury. At the age of 16 Anna Sorokin moved to Germany and went to school in Eschweiler near Cologne. In 2016, the now 28-year-old moved to the USA. There she slipped under the name Anna Delvey in the New York High Society.

As her lie-cardhouse collapsed, she was apparently at the height of her life. Until then, between November 2016 and August 2017, it has cheated out hotels, restaurants and acquaintances by around $ 275,000 (approximately € 240,000). This is clear for the New York court, which now found her guilty of fraud. She always pretended to be a rich German millionaire heifer. Obtaining the trust of wealthy influential people seemed like a breeze to them.

Anna Delvey, as she called herself, appeared as a confident young woman, a rising star on the art scene. Many financiers and celebrities were impressed. For their big visions millions of dollars should come together. For a nightclub in combination with an art gallery she wanted to lend herself with fake documents $ 22 million. The prosecutor later says that she acted with criminal intent.

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